Artistic Touch has over 10 years of painting stunning interior design art. We work with luxury interior design companies, private clients and home developers and focus on creating interior design art such as hand-painted murals and canvases. Our art has featured in ’25 Beautiful Homes’ magazine and BBC One’s home renovation program ‘Britain’s Empty Homes’.

You can either send a sample of colour, fabric or even an image for us to work with, or we can arrange an appointment to discuss your requirements.

We travel all over the country to bring an Artistic Touch to your home, business or lifestyle.

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Friday, 7 June 2013

Zebra Canvas fits with the Interior Design

This Hand Painted Zebra Canvas by Carren Lu, was painted to fit in with the Interiors.
The reds and blues have a very British feel with an African twist.  I painted a red background onto the canvas to set off against the Royal Blue wall.  The canvas creates a big impact in the room, which I love!

Painted for Davidsons Homes. Anstey, Leicester.

Be British!

With the Queens Coronation, the Olympics, and the Royal Wedding.  It's proud to be British!!
Why not bring the London theme into your little ones room.  Buckingham Place, Tower Bridge and the little soldiers... such a cute hand painted mural for a children's room. 

Polo Player Mural

A polo player mural hand painted by Carren Lu.
This Mural was painted for a teenage boys room, which is perfect for a young gentleman.
The Polo mural is 2.3m high and was painted for Davidsons Homes in Anstey, Leicester

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Africa meets Britain - Zebra Canvas

Africa meets Britain - A hand painted canvas by Carren Lu. 
I hand painted two Zebras on a (150 x 90cm) canvas using different shades of blues with a red background.  This Zebra canvas was painted to make an impact for a stunning dining room.  I used the colours of the Union Jack flag.

Magnolia Flowers - Canvas

A Hand painted Canvas by Carren Lu. 
I hand painted beautiful Magnolia Flowers on a shaded red background, with a Royal blue band. Painted for a living room to sit on a Royal blue painted wall. The Canvas is (150cm x 90cm).

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Canvases For The Home

A painted metallic background with a simple hand painted silhouette blossom branch and bird canvas.  This canvas was painted to fit perfectly with the living room fabrics.

Three canvases with textured raised metallic ribbons running through the duck egg canvases. 
This three abstract canvases where painted to bring the dining room together.
Painted by Carren Lu

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Making the Press!!

Our 'Rita Ora' Mural makes the press!!

Chart topping Rita Ora decorates wall of new showhome in Peterborough.

Mar. 22, 2013 - ‘Wilson Gardens’ is a brand new development from a new name to Peterborough - Davidsons Homes, and the new 'Nearsborough’ showhome has certainly got the style to impress visitors. It has a huge hand painted mural of chart topping singer-songwriter Rita Ora on one of the bedroom walls.

Hand Painted by Carren Moulder (Artistic Touch)

Friday, 12 April 2013

Shabby Chic Mural and Interiors

Designed by Carren Lu.
An elegant bedroom for your daughter who's becoming a young lady. 
Soft dusty pinks and eggshell, with Shabby chic furniture and a touch of nature. 
The hand painted feature wall mural is of magnolia flowers and a humming bird with touches of metallic in the lettering of 'Charlotte'.
Such a beautiful, elegant bedroom with a feature mural that pulls the whole room together.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Black Beauty Bedroom Complete

The image to the left is a photograph of the hand painted 'Black Beauty' mural before the room was dressed.
The image to the right shows the room fully dressed, complete with riding boots and a helmet. The perfect room for a girls who loves horses!

Charlie and Lola Room Complete


The image at the top is a photograph of a hand painted 'Charlie and Lola' Mural  before the room was dressed.
Underneath is a photograph of the room fully dressed and complete.  You can see that the paint colours for the wall mural were carefully chosen to match the accessories and fabrics used in the room. 

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Cuddly Little Bear Canvas

 Painted By Carren Moulder
I hand painted this canvas of everyones 'favourite bear' as a Birthday present for a very
special little boy!  I think it's the perfect gift for a child for him to enjoy for many years
to come. (1m x 1m) chunk canvas, painted using matt emulsion paint.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Domestic Goddess

Love being a 'Domestic Goddess'?
why not have one in your kitchen.. Hand painted artwork for the kitchen.
Contact Carren Moulder if you'd like this painted on your wall.

Artwork for your Study

Hand Painted murals can be fun and you don't have to have children to have one..
why not have something a little different in that boring study of yours.. think the 1940's
Designed by Carren Moulder

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Mary Poppins Mural

Stage 1:
 Stage 2:
 Stage 3:
Painted by Carren Moulder - Artistic Touch
Inspired by 'Mary Poppins', a famous musical.
'Mary Poppins' is a perfect theme for someone who loves musicals.
It's a feature wall that stands out from most. 
Beautifully hand painted, it takes a tradition theme like 'Mary Poppins' which is a classic and is painted in a way that is modern and would suit most modern homes.
Hand painted by Carren Moulder, the 'Mary Poppins' mural took 2 days to complete.
I painted this mural in Dulux matt emulsion paint, the colours were matched from fabric swatches provided by the Interior Designer.
This mural was painted for a show home designed by Andrew Henry Interiors
Ward Homes, Westerham - Fairway Corpse

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Princess Carriage with Crystals

Painted by Carren Moulder - Artistic Touch
 Create the perfect room for your little princess.
This small yet effective mural was designed to add sparkle and imagination to a little girls room,
having her favourite fairy tale painted on her bedroom wall.
It's a feature wall that's creative, full of fun and sparkle.
Hand painted by Carren Moulder, this 'Princess Carriage' mural took half a day to complete.
I painted this mural in matt emulsion paint and added a touch of sparkle
by adding swarovski crystals to the carriage and silver metallic on the tree.
This mural was painted for a show home designed by Lyn Butler - 2die4 Interiors.
Davidsons Homes, Peterborough - Wilson Gardens

Rita Ora Hand Painted Mural

Painted by Carren Moulder - Artistic Touch
Inspired by Rita Ora, a British singer-songwriter.  
This mural was designed for a teenage girls room,
having her favourite artist 'Rita Ora' painted on her bedroom wall.
It's a feature wall that's creates a wow factor, full of fun and sparkle.
Hand painted and designed by Carren Moulder, the 'Rita Ora' mural took 2 days to complete.
I painted this mural in matt emulsion paint and added a touch of sparkle
by adding swarovski crystals to her rings and a gold metallic on her eyelashes.
This mural was painted for a show home designed by Lyn Butler - 2die4 Interiors.
Davidsons Homes, Peterborough - Wilson Gardens

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Wine Lable Design

I was asked by a local vineyard to design a wine label for their new selection of wines.
Something that represented the area of Bearley based just outside Stratford-Upon-Avon.
They wanted to show the Bearly aqueduct, something unique to the area.
I did a painting of the aqueduct in Gouache on watercolour paper
and then worked on the image from there.
Since I've designed the label, Bearley Vineyard have done tremendously well
and have won awards for their wines.
Label designed by Carren Moulder - 'Artistic Touch'

Monday, 14 January 2013

Woodland Nursery


This Woodland Nursery was designed by Carren Moulder

This room is perfect for inspiring a child, full of Nature and cute woodland creatures!
I hand painted the wall mural and styled the room using a Woodland theme.
The Nursery furniture is by 'Boori Country Sleigh Royale', John Lewis
The ceiling light red glass pendant by and
The Little Toadstool is by
The Little Toadstool Cushion is by
I feel like this personalised woodland themed mural is the perfect design for your nursery!

If you'd like your own childs room designed, please contact Carren Moulder

Friday, 11 January 2013

Create The Perfect Nursery


Is there a little one on the way?  
Why not have a bespoke piece of artwork for your perfect nursery.
Have a hand painted canvas or wall mural to create inspiration and imagination
in your childs life and give them something they will admire for years.
We can create something sprecial and unique just for you.
Hand painted by Carren Moulder

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Bespoke Art


Make a statement in your home and have a piece of bespoke artwork painted
to create that wow factor you've been looking for. Either a hand painted
full feature wall or just a canvas, the right piece can change a whole room.
Don't spend  years looking for the right piece, when the right piece can be
created just for you.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Your Home In The Country


 Living in the Counrty, or love posh country living. 
Why not bring a bespoke piece of hand painted artwork to your childs room or home. 
 All murals and canvases are designed and produced to suit your personal taste and surroundings. 
Whether Black Beauty or Paddington Bear. I try to keep a traditional look with a modern twist.